Because of the current pandemic situation, it is unfortunately important that we stay at home.

Therefore we have to offer our courses only with online presence. It is not a choice that we make for fun, but we do not have other chances at the moment. As soon as the situation will improve, we will try to adapt accordingly.

For the online classes, we use the Zoom platform, which proved to be effective and stable last semester.

You do not need to have a Zoom account to participate, it can be done via browser. The link for each course will be available in the corresponding channel of our Chat.

The only thing we ask you is to keep your camera open. We are aware that it may be unconfortable and sometimes is much more appealing to close the camera and enjoy the freedom to move, but please try to bear with us and keep your camera open so that we can see you. It makes a big difference from our side. Thanks a lot.

Tip: try to update Zoom to the last version to have all the functionalities available. For example, if your room is a mess, you can set up a virtual background and look very professional :)

If you have problem with Zoom, here there are many tutorials

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