Week 3 - Sentiment Analysis with Naïve Bayes

For this week you should have gone through the lectures of week 2 of the first Coursera course on NLP, including the quiz and the assignment. https://www.coursera.org/learn/classification-vector-spaces-in-nlp/home/week/2

This week is very similiar to the first but instead of linear regression we will use naive bayes.

If you are not familiar with this machine learning algorithm these videos will give you a head start since in the coursera course naive bayes is just covered on the fly.

At the end you will be able to test your naive bayes model with your own tweets or other that you source from the internet.

For the next week you should go through all the course videos, the assignment and the quiz of week 3 of course 1 in the NLP specialization. Take notes and notice if you have any questions about the material. In the next meeting we will discuss these.


Have fun and see you next week.

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