Woche 5 - Kreatives Schreiben

Diese Woche werdet Ihr...

  • durch die Diskussion der Übungsaufgaben der letzten Woche lernen, wie eigene Texte mit z.B. Neuroflash entstehen.

  • einen Einblick in die wissenschaftliche Arbeit von Vivian Gunser erhalten.


Bis zur nächsten Woche solltet Ihr...

Hier der Link zum Blogpost https://blog.tcea.org/chatgpt-grading/. Die Aufabe ist, die folgenden beiden dortz vorgestellten Prompts zu nutzen;

  1. Create a rubric for a 5-paragraph opinion essay based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for grade 10. The rubric should include 3 categories: 1. organization, 2. development of ideas, and 3. use of language/conventions. Each category is worth a maximum of 4 points for Exemplary, 3 points for Meeting, 2 points for Approaching, and 1 point for Beginning.

  2. Act as an expert educator who is able to read information, analyze text and give supportive feedback based on a rubric that I will give you. Students were given the following assignment: [paste student assignment here] When you are ready, I will give you the rubric. I will then begin to give you the student work to evaluate and you will provide specific, constructive and meaningful feedback in a first-person, supportive voice. If the score given is less than [total points for the rubric] points, provide a brief paragraph on specific steps the student can do to improve the work and earn full credit based on the rubric. Do you understand?

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