Hello and welcome😊

Great that you want to dive into the deep water in Machine Learning. These are exciting times with major advancements on a quarterly basis like ChatGPT, Whisper, StableDiffusion and so many more. Nevertheless all these exciting models were developed with solid ML knowledge which is what we want to acquire in this course.

This is a course which brings you from beginner to intermediate or even advanced. It is formally called Intermediate Machine Learning but following HuggingFace🤗 terms which we will use heavily in the course I like to call the course SmilingFace😊. This is meant ironically, because you will never laugh in the course😊. Okay joking aside the use of smileys during learning and practioning ML helps us to remember to have fun, laugh about our mistakes and take ourself not seriously as it was proposed by the HuggingFace🤗 community. Therefore we will use our 😊 heavily in this course.

On the next pages you can see what the content of each course week will be starting with what will happen during each of our course sessions. Then again the SmilingFace😊 will lead you to what else to do in the week. I have divided the course into three levels of course work:


The part after one 😊 is mandatory for each course participant for a for successful participation


The part after two 😊😊 is voluntary but recommended


The part after three 😊😊😊 is completely voluntarily for the ones who really want to know

Remember the course instructor(me) is also fallible so please question me if you see something that does not kind of seem right for you. Also always ask questions especially if you don't fully understand something. This is really why we give this course so that you understand everything😊

Own contributions or suggestions for improving the course as well as feedback are always welcome😊

Let's dive right in!

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