Requirements for a Certificate of Achievement or ECTS

The conditions to be met in order to receive a Certificate of Achievement and the ECTS are:

  1. Missing the weekly session maximum 2 times.

  2. Presenting and uploading the project with the needed documentation.


We register automatically the attendance.

When you join the Zoom Session, please use the same name you have in the platform. You can change your name in the platform (click at the top-right on your profile photo) and in Zoom (click at the top-right of your video stream), so you should be able to use the same name during the weekly session.

If for any reason (no need to explain) you do not want to use the same name, but still need to be registered, please contact me at the beginning of the course.


Check the Projects section to learn more about the projects.

pageHow to Start, Complete, and Submit Your Project


Each weekly session is complemented with the videos and homework from the Coursera courses. Going through the video and doing the assignment allows you to learn and understand each session, so it is required for the course.

However, Coursera is indipendent from us and the completion of the Coursera assignment is NOT needed for the Opencampus Certificate. Completing all assignment will give you the Coursera Certificates (which is different)

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