Week 1 - Course Introduction

Course session

Welcome and Introduction round

Introduction of the course, opencampus, the course instructor and the course participants

Tool Set-Up

  • Coursera

  • Colab

  • Editor (VSCode)

  • Virtual Environments

  • Git/Github


PyTorch 101 (Lab 01)

A visual overview of the workflow in the Colab notebook you can get in the PyTorch diagram below:

pytorch diagram.pdf



  1. Watch the following introduction video to the PyTorch framework

  1. Watch Week 1 of the Coursera Course

  1. Go for your own through the Colab Notebook above (Pytorch101) and try to understand and repeat the steps for your own. Thereby you should also solve Task 1-3 in the notebook. You can create therefore a copy of the notebook in your Drive or download the notebook to work locally on it. Ensure that you sufficient computing resources available (i.e gpu) if you choose to work locally.


Try to improve the accuracy in the PyTorch 101 notebook by tweaking the amount of layers and number of neurons


Familiarize yourself with basic PyTorch Tutorials:

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