Week 3 - Intro Kaggle competition - EDA and baseline models with PyTorch

Learning and testing - a.k.a. don't do Bullshit Machine Learning

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Hyperparameter experiment

The following notebook will show how to set up a hyperparameter experiment in plain PyTorch. More importantly it give you the results and enables you to analyze and play around


  • Introduction

  • Titanic

Solutions exercise MLP

Presentation from the participants of the MLP from Coursera



Do Week 3 of the Coursera Course

The notebook from the Coursera Course of Week 3 can be accessed here:

The first notebook
The assignment notebook

The next task is to analyze the results of the hyperparameter experiment and create a small presentation on your findings(e.g. batch size of 16 with lr=0.2 seems to equal batch size of 1 with lr=0.01). Here is the notebook again:


Run your own hyperparameter experiment


Do your own EDA on the Titanic Dataset and/or look at other EDA notebooks from competitors. Make a final presentable EDA notebook.

Familiarize yourself with this PyTorch Tutorials:

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