How do I choose a course?

I am confused and not sure about which course I should choose.

On our EDU-Platform each course and its contents is described but often it will still be difficult to decide what's the best course for your ability level and your needs. Below we therefore included a quick comparison on the courses, which might provide some additional help.

However, if you have any doubt, we strongly recommend you to

attend the Machine Learning Degree info event that is held before the start of each semester, where you get in-depth information on the different courses.

This semester the event will take place on March, the 22nd.

Quick Comparison of the Different Courses

Roughly, the difficulty level of the courses is increasing from left to right.

Einführung in Data Science und maschinelles Lernen

english version below

Der Einführungskurs ist offen für alle. Du wirst abgeholt wo Du bist und begleitet, bis Du in der Lage bist, dein eigenes Projekt durchzuführen. Nach Abschluss des Kurses stehen viele Türen für Dich offen und Du hast die Möglichkeit, Dich in unterschiedliche Richtungen weiter fortzubilden. Wenn Du allerdings schon einmal programmiert hast und ein bisschen mit Daten umgehen kannst, bist du eigentlich schon bereit für einen der nächsten Kurse.

The introductory course is open to all. However, the course is in German and you must be fluent in German to take part since the course is very interactive, including a lot of team communication. You will be picked up where you are and accompanied until you are able to do your own project. After completion of the course many doors will be open for you and you will have the opportunity to continue your education in different directions. However, if you have already done some programming and know a little bit about data, you are already ready for one of the next courses.

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