In order to receive ECTS for a course you have to complete a machine learning project in a team with a maximum of 4 participants and miss less than 2 sessions of the course.
Usually the project starts in the middle of the course, the exact date may depends on the course. It will be discussed in the first sessions
This is a general page. Projects may varies slightly in each course. If your course instructor is giving you different information, please follow those.
The requirements are:
  1. 1.
    The Code, which should include
    • the python code (notebook .ipynb or .py are accepted)
    • comments to make the code clear and readable
    • the definition of the environment (dependencies)
    • text explaining the project divided in sections (Introduction, Data and Methods, Results, Baseline)
  2. 2.
    The project has to be presented in class during the last sessions. This can be done during the class or a short video can be recorded. For example, a screen recording of the notebook with an explanation of the project, the code and the results would work. The length of the presentation and/or the video will be discussed in each course, it usually is around 15 minutes.
If you do not specify anything, we will release the code in our repository alongside with the other projects. If you want, you can add a statement that the code is released as open source software and a license which explains how the code can be re-used. The data you use in your project can remain private if you wish.
Details about the requirements of the project will also be discussed in the course.
Please ask your course instructor if something is unclear, preferably before you start the project.

Ready to start the project? Check out the Project Template Page or the Possible Projects!