Natural Language Query in Applied Contexts

Generating Database Queries from Natural Language Inputs


Lennart Büttner, Sourceboat GmbH & Co. KG


We are currently developing a database interaction & creation tool for users without a programming background. In this context we want to evaluate the possibilites to use NLP to generate queries from natural languages, especially German and English.
Ideas reach from a chatbot that simply answers questions about your data, e.g. “How many paying customers do we have” over the generation of endpoints in ensemble with a functions as a service provider up to schema creation.
At this very first phase of experimentation and ideation we want to estimate scope and requirements of this project. Primary challenges to overcome are the dynamic generation of data based on a database schema as well as the tokenization and handling of Out-of-Vocabluary words.


We started using databases in different languages from to generate data based on table and column names of a database schema.

How you can contribute

I am looking forward to discuss techniques and exchange ideas with everyone who is interested.